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Miniseries Part III: Design Process

Miniseries Part III: Design Process


Miniseries Part III: Design Process

Posted by: Andrea Torres

Wednesday, May 4th, 2016

Design Process
You've signed on with Devshop, you've kicked off the fun, and now is the time to ask: How do I look? Part III of our miniseries takes a look at the design process for building your app. This is not about just colors and fonts, it's about how the market views your end product, and how you convey your brand to consumers. While every client's design needs vary, we like to identify your aesthetic at the beginning of the project to make sure that it reflects your brand. The design process for Devshop consists of three rounds: the Design Questionnaire, Design Check-In, and the Final Design Meeting. These rounds represent different milestones in your app, and help you and Devshop on track to complete the project in the projected timeline.

Design Questionnaire:
Let's get to know you a little better! During sign on and kickoff, we like to have clients provide us with answers to a design questionnaire to clarify the brands personality and give us a better understanding of your business. This includes questions like:

  • What competitors websites do you like?

  • Do you have a logo or need us to create one?

  • What are you trying to achieve with this app?

  • Who is your target market?

  • How are you marketing your app?

  • What is the projected timeframe of your app?

  • What is your brands personality?

  • What typography would you like to use?

  • What color scheme would you like to use?

  • What are colors/styles you want to avoid?

Design Check-In:
You've given us a little more information about what you want, now its time for us to work together to create it. The second milestone for design is the design check-in meeting, which occurs about 2-3 weeks after the kickoff meeting. During this meeting, we will review some Photoshop mock ups of your app, paying special attention to colors, typography and icons. We want your app to be looking its best, so during this stage we ask for your feedback on pictures, fonts, layouts, colors, icons and logos.

Final Design Meeting:
After a few weeks of meetings and phone calls where design feedback, edits and changes have been made, we will finally have reached the Final Design Meeting. Woohoo! This meeting occurs about 4-5 weeks into starting building your app. This is the meeting where we get a final look at how your app will look with review of high fidelity mock ups.

By this point, your app design is fully completed. Devshop has sent you each page, asset, and all content has been approved. Up next, stay tuned for details on how we develop the backend of your app!

Andrea Torres

Meet The Author

Andrea Torres / Designer

A fellow New Jersey-an, Andrea began as a self taught artist from a very young age. Much of what she has learned comes from her personal experience with and appreciation for art and design. Seeking a fulfilling and life long career in what she loved to do, Andrea developed her techniques at the Shinartu Akastu Design School at the University of Bridgeport. There she majored in Fine Arts and received a BFA in Graphic Design in 2013.

Chasing her continued thirst for creativity, Andreas passion led her to a much more dynamic and ever expanding art scene; New York City, where she currently lives. Andrea is now a working illustrator and designer. On her down time, Andrea finds ways to socially and spiritually impact the people around her with her story telling and thought provoking designs. When she's not designing or sketching, she's usually trying to figure out how the universe works while eating a slice of pizza.