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Spice Up Your Dummy Text

Spice Up Your Dummy Text


Spice Up Your Dummy Text

Posted by: Tea Ho

Friday, Jul 11th, 2014

Content is, perhaps, the heart and soul of your website. However, sometimes designers aren't the creators of the content that will fill their designs, so they use placeholder text. The placeholder text quickly allows viewers to imagine what a finalized design might look like with font, typography, and page layout.

The most popular placeholder text is Lorem Ipsum, which is typically just a bunch of scrambled text from a really old latin text. But just because it's been used for centuries doesn't mean we should keep using it. If your design is supposed to give viewers the illusion of what your site is going to look and feel like, I think your filler text should appropriately themed with whatever you're working on.

Here is a smorgasbord of Lorem Ipsum alternatives to suit whatever you might need to design, and when I personally like to use them.

1. Online Dating Ipsum
Building a social networking site? Use this whenever the text is supposed to sound like the user is casually promoting themselves.

2. Hipster Ipsum
Perfect for offbeat vintage restaurants, hip new social apps, and anything else that needs an ipsum artisinal touch. What? This text was on your site before users even knew your site existed-that's how hip it is.

3. Nietzche Ipsum
Do you need to sound academic? This is perfect for the site that needs to evoke tweed jackets, pipes, black coffee, and lots of philosophical contemplation.

4. Obama Ipsum
This presidential ipsum gives your text gravitas. If you need something that sounds official or persuasive, borrow Obama's oratory expertise here.

5. Samuel L Ipsum
This is for when you hate what you're working on and maybe won't show your client filler text.

6. Cupcake Ipsum
Use this for restaurants, bakeries, food blogs, or whenever you're hungry.

7. Potter Ipsum
For anything else, use Potter Ipsum. It feels classic, like the Lorem Ipsum generator, but is secretly full of spells from the wizarding world. Oh, and I made it.


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