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Startups: The Certainty of Uncertainties

Startups: The Certainty of Uncertainties


Startups: The Certainty of Uncertainties

Posted by: Dahlia Green

Tuesday, Jul 29th, 2014

Working at a startup, according to Reid Hoffman is like jumping off a cliff and assembling an airplane on the way down. So, do you still want to join a startup?

It's uncomfortable. Working at a startup, you relinquish a considerable amount "security" and "stability". You are working towards building a dream and that means staying focused on the prize. Balancing focus, but knowing when to take a step back to ask whether the picture is clear. There are jobs on the other side - corporate and well established companies - they pay better and they already have "funding". You can climb the ladder. Work your way to the top. Make it a career. It's a nice idea. Comforting at that. Working for a startup, starting your own venture, is a bundle of uncertainty and therefore intimidates many.

Why lean into discomfort? It is the only way to grow. Discomfort is opportunity in disguise. Every time we push through obstacles, growth exists on the other side. So starting up is not for the faint hearted, it is for those who see great heights and continuously dream big. For the visionaries that know, regardless of where this project grows, they are meant to make a difference.

Working at a startup boils down to the desire to be surrounded with passion and drive, working with some of the best talent. With others that want to give. It takes a certain attitude to come into work everyday, and be ok with the feeling of uncertainty. Tension gets high, emotions fly, and the earth feels like its about to rumble. But then you see the results. The effort, the hard-work, the positive feedback and the fire is fueled to continue.

Life is short. Too short not to take risks. We all speak it and think we believe it, but when do we really start practicing it? Start thinking about what you want to be known for. When you leave your legacy, being known for giving it your all, that would be pretty great. Looking back and feeling as if you tried, maybe "succeeded". Regardless of where it goes, you learned so much along the way, and with that you had the power to help others.

The only thing startups can guarantee is the rewarding feeling of leaning into discomfort, learning by mistake, pushing far out of your comfort zone, and walking into a room or garage every day with other inspiring forces of positive energy - that is the dream.

Give it all you've got and you won't be disappointed.


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