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Tech for the Fashionista

Tech for the Fashionista


Tech for the Fashionista

Posted by: Laura Meyer

Monday, Jun 30th, 2014

The tech and startup world isn't known for its fashion. Just as the fashion industry isn't known for its advances in technology.

So while even though these two worlds seem to repel one another, a beautiful hybrid has developed...

Fashion Tech!

Fashion tech companies are popping up all over New York City.

The fashion industry is turning focus to technology from sponsored hackathons, to fashion tech accelerators, to evolving education.

Yesterday, I had the privilege of meeting with Fashion Accelerator 360 CEO, Liza Deyrmenjian. We had an awesome discussion on the importance of education and how the fashion industry can leverage technology to simplify processes, but more importantly improve the experience between brand and customer.

One of my professional role models is Angela Ahrendt. She is an amazing example of leveraging technology and digital presence of a "traditional" fashion brand, into a relevant brand. If you aren't familiar with her strategy check out the interview.

As fashion tech becomes more popular I will be interested to see the relationship between fashion tech companies and big brands/retailers. Nordstrom is another great example of a traditional brand/department store investing in fashion tech startups. They are beginning to achieve a reputation as a bit of an incubator due to their involvement with Hautelook, Gilt, wantful, and recently wanelo.

What I am most excited about in fashion tech are the little guys. The young and innovative startups that are out to disrupt the market. I'm not talking about the trivial apps that help you find the best price for the Alice and Olivia dress you want, or the app that lets you trade clothes with your peers, but true game changing fashion tech startups that will change the way we view fashion. Some of the technologies I am most excited for is implementation of 3-D printing, tech eco fabrics, integration of virtual reality and reality in relations to shopping, fashion shows/events, and the design process!


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