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The Mom Project

Connecting highly skilled mothers with flexible work opportunities

In the US, 43 percent of highly skilled women with children voluntarily leave their jobs. The founders of The Mom Project recognized a vital need in the marketplace and began to construct an idea for a website that would fulfill it. A platform that didn't yet exist, one that would connect this underutilized pool of skilled women with the vast demand for flexible, temporary workers. Partnering with Devshop, The Mom Project sought to create a platform that would not only assist experienced mothers who were unable to fully return to the workforce in staying relevant, but also serve as a digital marketplace allowing companies to fill roles for temporary projects and short term positions.

Providing a platform for connection

How could these qualified workers be easily and effectively matched with opportunities that aligned with their skill set? Allison and Greg approached Devshop with their vision, a limited budget, and a desire to work with a development team that believed in their mission and could execute it with skill. Through the course of countless collaborative meetings, Devshop and The Mom Project formulated a plan for building The Mom Project with the technology that would support their goals for expansion. The objective was to deliver a valuable experience to users and create a foundation that could be built upon as it scales up and out.

The Mom Project
The Mom Project

Building with thought

In order to build out this idea, Devshop began by identifying the key consumers that would be utilizing the web app and the critical features required to successfully facilitate these connections. Our solution was to transform the traditional, convoluted search and hire process into an experience that allowed for mom's to simply and easily sign up, showcase their talent, and be hired and paid by reputable employers.

A collaborative development process, implemented with frequent communication between Devshop and the client, resulted in a clearly formulated flow for the app including all necessary elements to qualify mom's as well as employers. We made ourselves available for analysis and examination of the app throughout the building process, allowing for pivoting when necessary. Once the site was live, Devshop remained on call during the site launch ready to respond immediately if any issues occurred, ensuring a smooth launch. The resulting web app now boasts a community of almost 3,000 moms' and has received high acclaim for its contribution to closing the gap between available talent and provisional roles.

Allison Robinson
Allison Robinson CEO & Co-Founder, The Mom Project

The responses to The Mom Project have been really tremendous and encouraging. We could not have made it this far, or be taken this seriously, without the work the Devshop team has done and continues to do. We look forward to what comes, and what comes next (and what we'll build next).

Behind The Curtain
Technologies and Services
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